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    Is it such a small world after all? sparkadmin :

    By Rachel Mitchell With the prevalence of technology and high-speed transport the world can sometimes feel very small. We can speak to people on the other side of the world at the click of a button. If I left my desk now (just post-lunch) I could be in Paris by dinner time. Whilst this has […]

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    Never forget the golden rules of media interviews sparkadmin :

    By Rachel Mitchell Poor Shadow Home Secretary. I imagined her trudging wearily home on Tuesday, slumping down on the sofa and cracking open the bottle of wine and family-sized dairy milk bar that sensible people have on stand-by for when it’s been one of those days. Sadly for her she broke two of the golden […]

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    Why are print publications making the transition to solely digital? sparkadmin :

    By Harriet Hall In March 2016, national British newspaper, The Independent made the transition to a solely digital format. Owner of The Independent newspaper, Evgeny Lebedev, said, ‘The newspaper industry is changing, and that change is being driven by readers. They’re showing us that the future is digital.’[1] Many publications experienced an inevitable fall in […]

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    The Age of the Social Media Influencer sparkadmin :

    By Harriet Hall  There is no doubt that we are living in the age of the social media influencer. Having made their name through v-logging, blogging, Instagramming and Tweeting and amassing followings of millions and millions of dedicated fans, influencers are changing celebrity culture. But what does that mean for PR professionals who want to […]

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    Fact VS Fiction: The Fake News Conundrum sparkadmin :

    By Harriet Hall According to Barack Obama, 2016 was the year that fake news became a legitimate threat to democracy. Whilst unreliable content has always existed, the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign has created an entirely new breed of content – fabricated with the sole purpose of misleading readers for financial or political gain. Fake news stories […]

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    Content Mapping sparkadmin :

    By Josephine Ornago   As a multi-lingual marketing and PR agency we find many of our clients come to us preoccupied with what they see as the mammoth task of ‘content development’.  Every business knows they need to be seen as active commentators in their field, but many do not have the time or resource […]

    #2016: The most tweeted events of the year :

    By Iosetta Santini Another year is coming to end, which means it’s time to take a look at the highlights of 2016. Which events have been the most talked about? What will 2016 be remembered for? Twitter’s top hashtags reveal the most talked about events and ‘tweet-worthy’ happenings this year: #Rio2016: The gold medal for […]

    The Export Race: how SMEs can cross language and culture barriers :

    By Sarah Nurgat SMEs are lagging behind their European counterparts when it comes to exporting their products and services. As it stands, less than a fifth of UK SMEs export, compared with over 40% of larger businesses, according to a recent report by WorldFirst and Cebr. Branching out into new markets is a daunting prospect, […]

    Don’t let social media become a PR headache :

    Emma Ramsay Nowadays businesses and their personnel cannot afford to be reckless when it comes to distributing content on the internet. The internet never sleeps, especially social media sites. This means news and scandals can spread like wildfire, with even the smallest and insignificant matters going viral overnight. The result? A big PR headache. Implementing […]

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    Summer vacation structures (part two) – the importance of vacation sparkadmin :

    By Ingrid Dybvig With London reaching heat-wave temperatures and seeing several days basked in sunshine over the last couple of weeks, summer seems to have arrived in the capital. And as we’ve moved into August, summer vacations are just around the corner for many of us. But for many workers, vacations are interrupted by an […]