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Paul Lindsell

Paul Lindsell
Managing Director

Matthew Howell

Matt Howell
Associate Director

Rachel Mitchell
Account Director

Josephine Ornago

Josephine Ornago
Head of Research


About Us

At ThoughtSpark, we’re all about content. Content for marketing, for PR, for web optimisation, for sales support, for social media, for lead generation…. The list goes on.

We’re living in a content-hungry world. The more you are out there, the more likely people are to ask you to tender for their business. On the other side of the coin, if you’re not visibly publishing intelligent, expert content, then you may not be selected for tender lists.

We have insight and understanding of most industries and the public services. We operate with our native speakers across the globe. And every account we have is directed by a senior and experienced Account Director.

So we create your content. We help you squeeze the most value out of it by making sure it is repurposed for sales, marketing, investor relations, web marketing, social media, and the rest. And we help you integrate it into your lead generation programmes so that it is visibly playing a role generating business for you.