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    The draw of Wimbledon sparkadmin :

    By Chris Smith Whilst recent controversies for FIFA have tarnished their reputation, Wimbledon continues to remain a trustworthy investment for the world’s largest luxury brands.  The iconic British tennis tournament, just won by Novak Djokovic, is about as prestigious as it gets in sport.   Whilst branding is everywhere, Wimbledon maintains its integrity with a […]

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    It’s time for innovation on flexible hiring sparkadmin :

    Julia Galmiche   According to new research by EY, 37% of full-time workers in the UK say that managing work-life has become increasingly challenging in the last five years. The purpose of this study was to understand what employees seek in a job, why they stay and why they quit and how this differs by […]

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    UK Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015 sparkadmin :

    By Josephine Ornago Whether it’s business or leisure that take you to Milan this summer, there’s a little bit of Britain that I recommend you visit, namely the UK Pavilion for Expo 2015. Designed by Wolfgang Buttress, the UK Pavilion’s theme is ‘Grown in Britain and Northern Ireland’, but the messages it carries are more […]

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    The Internet of Things: a new era in marketing? sparkadmin :

    By Julia Galmiche The Internet of Things (IoT) is the topic on everyone’s lips these days, but what does it actually mean? What is its potential for marketing? Imagine a world in which objects, devices, and even people are connected to one another or to a network. Be even bolder and go as far as to […]

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    The year of the ‘wearable’ device sparkadmin :

    By Josephine Ornago Like a number of trends in the marketing and tech arena the ‘year of the wearable’ has much been hailed, but never seemed to actually come round…until now that is. Aided by last year’s slew of Android wearables and the recent Apple iWatch launch, everybody is finally talking about this technology. While […]

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    Stop blaming the pollsters sparkadmin :

    by Paul Lindsell Stop blaming the pollsters about the election results!  They actually got it right – if you take into account that the standard sample size returns figures which are reliable to within +/-3%.  In other words, the share of vote percentages between labour and conservative that were reported as ‘neck-and-neck’ at around 34% […]

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    Britain in the middle of its “first Twitter election” sparkadmin :

    By Julia Galmiche The influence of social media on politics has been illustrated many times over. These days, no one can dispute that social media is a valuable tool for our politicians and leaders. All we have to do is look at how Obama’s digital strategy in 2008 contributed to the second-largest youth voter turnout […]

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    The buzz about WeChat Josephine Ornago :

    It’s the buzz on everyone’s phone and is set to be the word on every marketer’s lips, WeChat is a mobile internet instant messaging service also known as an ‘over the top’ (OTT) instant messaging system. And it’s the next big thing with 195 million active users and growing.

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    Facebook: ten years later Josephine Ornago :

    If, like me you’ve been using Facebook from the very start, take a look at this article on Wired listing the greatest innovations the social media site has introduced in the last decade and balk at how ingrained they’ve become in your life.

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    Sochi’s Social Medallists Matt Howell :

    So, who were the real winners at the Sochi Winter Olympics? The medal table doesn’t tell us, concerned as it is with mere sporting achievement. Pah! No, what the public really wants to know is – which proud Games sponsor emerged victorious? Which brand topped the social media mentions podium? This stuff matters, right?