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Next trends in Social PR

By Iosetta Santini


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and – more recently – Snapchat are a must have for all businesses and the public relations industry has had to adapt to this whole new way of communicating.

It’s no news that social media has been drastically changing the face of PR: shorter turnaround time, direct engagement with the audience and a 24/7 news cycle, are just a few factors that have been re-shaping the Public Relations’ industry in the last decade. But have we seen it all? Probably not, social media keeps developing and changing fast, with the rise of new trends and tools every day. PR can’t afford to fall behind and miss out on the continuing ‘social evolution’, so here’s an anticipation of what we’re going to see in the next few years:

  1. Data-driven PR

Social media and data analytics go arm in arm. Most platforms have their own analytical tools and more and more ‘third-party’ tools are becoming available, facilitating social media monitoring and tracking. With the rise of social media for business and the responsibility of managing those channels falling into PR’s arms, data analysis will become an essential part of the job.

  1. Images and infographics will not be enough

Your Facebook wall is probably already invaded by all sorts of videos and your Instagram feed is going increasingly ‘live’ with your friends’ stories and boomerangs. This rising trend in visual content means that PR will have to adapt to new type of formats in order to stay competitive and deliver up to date material. Traditional infographics and images just won’t be enough anymore.

  1. Fewer traditional press releases

This sounds shocking, press releases are PR’s bread and butter but SMPRs (Social Media Press Releases) are becoming an increasingly important tool, even replacing traditional releases in some scenarios.

SMPRs have quite a few advantages: they are easily shareable and easily work with the linking, multimedia, and social media capabilities offered by a digital format.

  1. New expertise

With all these changes quickly approaching the world of PR, agencies will continue to increasingly integrate social media pros in their staff. These professional figures will be essential in the next generation PR.

This seems like quite a lot to take in but if you think about how much has changed in the last 10 years then it’s not that scary! Technology advances quickly and it’s easy to stay behind but with the right tools and knowledge nothing is impossible.