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Everyone seems to have forgotten offline!

By Paul Lindsell

So in our world of B2B marketing, how many letters do you get?

How often do suppliers approach you through the mail?

How often do suppliers invite you to only be contacted by post?

OK – it’s hard to think about mailing potential customers when we’re all working from home.

But what about offering opt-in to updates that don’t clog up their inbox? Frankly, it’s a red letter day (haha) when I get something through the post.

What’s sent can’t fail to be stand-out. And it often gets retained for a good while.

Direct email from unknown parties barely gets past the preview screen. We’re all so keen on content marketing and getting people, to put their hands up for contact, but we’re also obsessed with making everything electronic… and missing the point that electronic content may be here today, gone tomorrow.

Physical sticks. Is it too expensive? Only if your initial targeting is poor! Or your value proposition is weak.

Omnichannel is set to be the mantra that everyone spouts and no-one practices in B2B.

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