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Are you targeting the right readership?

By Iosetta Santini

It’s true, featuring in publications like the Financial Times or The Guardian is definitely rewarding for your business. Seeing your company’s name flashed across the national press can only boost egos, but being in the national media is not the only way for your business to be promoted; underestimating the power of vertical media channels could mean you risk missing out on some great coverage opportunities.

For example if your business’ product or service targets a niche audience, you don’t need millions of people to stumble across your article; an interested readership which includes potential buyers would be far more beneficial for your company. Featuring in a publication that targets a smaller – but engaged and passionate audience can bring your business more value than a wider but general poll of readers.

Especially, this is the case when you have a technical story to tell. A wider and non-specialised public audience might struggle in understanding a specific industry message, thus quickly losing interest in your article.

If the article is tailored to readers who have a good grasp on the subject it will be easier for them to understand the topic and to keep them engaged; this will allow you to focus on analysing an in depth concept rather than spending time explaining basic knowledge to the general public.

Vertical publications also have a crucial role when it comes to establishing your business’ credibility within a certain market. It’s extremely important for your thought leadership activity to tailor your message to a specific public, this is a more efficient way to assert yourself as an ‘expert’ in the industry.

So as much as achieving national coverage is a glorious moment, don’t let the numbers get to your head! As a business you need to consider more than one factor and pay attention to which strategy will effectively benefit your company reputation and incomes.

With the help of PR experts you can identify which publications or channels are the ones that you need to target in order to become a respected leader in your field.

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